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Organizational information systems are part of the business core of any organization. Their role is to handle and support the internal and external processes - on the one hand, customers and suppliers.

Most often, in order to achieve process and service effectiveness, the concept of the "customer center", the examination of the "customer journey" processes and the supply chain are realized - the implementation of these concepts constitutes the corporate digital journey.

We are your partners in this journey.

The digital journey or the term digital transformation is a profound process that is mostly non-technological.

The first challenge is to identify and define the existing processes, the means of computing available to the organization and to assess their effectiveness in implementing the processes.

The journey requires a change in organizational thinking and culture and raising awareness of each partner in the process. Accordingly, changes and adjustments are made to work processes and procedures, interfaces between departments and service concept.

The next challenge is defining the vision of the organization from which the strategic digital plan is derived.

Accordingly, appropriate technology platforms will be tested and selected, which platforms and / or tools will be decided upon and replaced. Contact processes will be carried out with vendors, systems development and interface, and integration and integration.

The goal is to achieve process-support systems and up-to-date and correct data collection capabilities through which business intelligence (BI) tools can be implemented and lead to information-based decision-making processes.

We will accompany and manage your digital journey, based on proven methodologies and extensive experience, from the initial analysis stage through the vision and strategy definition to the full implementation of the strategic plan.

The world is in the process of transformation from classic to multi-cloud and even multi-cloud infrastructure. The more the organization is able to build and apply the right strategy for it to the transformation process, the more it can achieve organizational and business growth and innovation. How to properly migrate to the cloud? Which information systems bring to the cloud and which to leave in the corporate infrastructure? How do you continue to protect sensitive organizational information and prevent hostile entities from accessing the organization's private information and customers? And how to do all this while economically and operationally streamlining?

These are all complex questions that many organizations have been debating for a long time and the migration process is getting longer.

We will help you build the right cloud strategy for your organization that fits the technological, business and regulatory needs and then guide you through the complex and exciting process of realizing your journey to the cloud.


We are your partners in the transformation processes at the computing centers, and are ready to assist and advance any technological challenge.

We will enter the initiation phase, help to explore the solution alternatives, perform the techno-economic exams and advance the project approval by the management, and from here we will work with you as full partners in doing, planning and implementing the project, until it is transferred to the operational stages.

Our consulting team includes experts in a wide range of technology areas: IT Infrastructure, Information Systems Architecture, Communication Solutions, Compute, System and Information Storage, Cloud Solutions, Workflow and ITIL Optimization, Business Continuity (BCP & DRP), Economic Modeling, Methods And advanced tools.

We promote large and complex projects with industry leading clients such as:

  • Examining solutions and characterizing needs for various technologies (VDI, systems and communications networks, HCI solutions and more)

  • Formulate a strategy for enterprise migration to the cloud

  • Characterization and Establishment of DR Solutions

  • Implementation of business continuity plans, including technological and business-management practices

  • Writing and implementing procedures in a variety of technological and process areas

  • Planning, construction and migration processes and consolidation of large and complex computing sites

Do you have a complex project? - We are your success partner with a multidisciplinary team of experts, with the ability to drive and promote and high business understanding.

Infrastructure, cyber, processes and business continuity


Managing complex technological  projects

Do you have a complex technological project in mind? The Energy Team will take it to your goal!

We will assign a dedicated team of project management, experienced in IT project management, who will serve as your right hand, manage the project for you and take responsibility for all the end-to-end work involved.

When our people meet with the project, they first understand that the project is conducted in an organizational context and hence that investors invest in understanding the organization - the key people, the relationships, the subtext and the organizational challenges; They then adapt to the organization the dedicated and best management methodology for it.

Why choose us to run the project for you? Because of our proven success in complex projects and our many years of experience in project management, because of our deep knowledge of the technology content world, and in particular because of our expert team that combines technological experience, extensive knowledge of organizational process management and comprehensive examination of all dimensions of the organization.

Our full responsibility, your quiet head!


Professional Services

We have a vision - think people, get results!

Our goal - to be a full partner to the client's challenges and to help him meet his goals through excellent performance, exceptional service, intimate loyalty and constant partnership.

We do this through a very high level of investment in our human resources, accompanying them throughout their ongoing work with clients, mentoring and training them to perform their role to the best of their ability.

We are a leading consulting and technology company engaged in challenging and complex industry projects, partners in our clients digital and technological journey - so we know how to bring the right team, expertise and people to the desktop!

So what do we provide?

Super-quality experts (both personal and professional) from a variety of content worlds that are now required by our clients - Devops, Cloud, Big Data, architects and systems engineers, project and product managers, and more.

We know how to match the right expert for the relevant organization and project and take full responsibility for the success of the project.

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