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Organizational information systems are part of the core business of any organization. Their role is to handle and support internal organizational processes as well as external organizational processes - on the one hand customers and on the other hand suppliers.

Usually, in order to achieve effectiveness in terms of processes and services, one realizes the concept of the "customer in the center", examining the processes of the "customer journey" and the supply chain - the implementation of these concepts constitutes the organizational digital journey.

We are your partners in this journey.

The digital journey, or the common term digital transformation, is an in-depth process that is mostly non-technological.

The first challenge is to identify and define the existing processes, the means of computing available to the organization and to examine the degree of their effectiveness in the implementation of the processes.

The journey requires a change in the organizational thinking and culture and raising the awareness of each of the partners in the process. Accordingly, changes and adjustments are made in work processes and procedures, interfaces between departments and the perception of service.

The next challenge is defining the vision of the organization and from it the strategic digital plan is derived.

Accordingly, appropriate technology platforms will be examined and selected, decisions will be made as to which platforms and / or tools will be maintained and which will be replaced. Consultation processes will be performed with vendors, development and adjustments of systems, interfaces and integration.

The goal is to achieve process support systems and the ability to collect up-to-date and correct data, through which it will be possible to implement business intelligence (BI) tools and bring about information-based decision-making processes.

We will accompany and manage your digital journey, based on proven methodologies and an experienced team, from the initial analysis stage through defining the vision and strategy to achieving the full implementation of the strategic plan.

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